Why Can’t it Stay Summer!

This is how we do summer! A look at our tropical inspired styled session with the new pantone colour: yes green is in!Oh yes and we had this pretty girl in a wedding dress on a flamingo which was just kind of cool and by kind of I mean out of this world awesome! A big thank you to Victoria Coetzee from VS Designs for the playful stationery. Also a fantastic thank you to Erika Mengouchi from Mengouchi Haute Couture who decided to design a new line of dresses for us in two days just for this session!

Live life Colourful!

Stationery: VS Designs

Dresses: Mengouchi Haute Couture

MUAH: Angelique Makeup and Hair

Styling: Jeanri Wepener & Cathleen Loots

Models: Tiane Stroh & Jeanri Wepener

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