English Garden Tea (Pantone Wedding Inspiration)

Inspiration/ Styled session

“Soft, cool hues blend with subtle warm tones to create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute®

Stationery: Lieflingkind Design

MUAH: Angelique Make up and Hair 

Dresses: Mengouchi Haute Couture

Venue: Glenshiel Hotel

Styling: Cathleen Loots

Models: Tiane Stroh, Essie Badenhorst

When the pantone colours for Spring 2015 were released I knew this was going to be a great year for weddings and creatives in general. I decided right then and there on my next inspiration shoot as I fell inlove with all the different blues and the strawberry ice. Yet again we sourced our gorgeous dresses from Erika Mengouchi Haute Couture, who actually made a grey veil to exactly match a dress, and Angelique from Angelique Make-up and Hair was willing to help us make the models look their best and make our vision come to life.

The stationery for this styled session was unique because of our desision to use the marbling technique and even though it kept her awake a few nights in a row, Colleen from Lieflingkind Design did a fantastic job using the Pantone colour of the year: Marsala. We used the marbling to fit the english theme as they would normally have a marble cake, we gave it a twist and also used some penny-farthings to round it off. Instead of a normal table number we used letters of the alphabet made out of wood, which kept with the english theme inspired by the setting of Glenshiel Manor in Magoebaskloof.

Glenshiel Hotel was setup in an old english manor house and it was the perfect spot for this session as I have been in awe of it’s beauty since I was a child. To fit in with the abundance of flowers at the venue we incorporated flowers into the model’s hair and made basket bouquets which doubled as arrangements.

The cake on the table was a swiss roll and the guest favours were fudge and salted caramel which matched the colours of the décor and were supplied by Woolworths. To keep with the colours on the table and the theme of an english tea we used scones with marmalade and crumpets with blueberries.

Enjoy the stunning view that we had when visiting this venue as well as some lovely images.



pantone 1_7770e31b2dc196c46eb8013fbe35de7dpantone 2_e6283ee782a4742f430c058a830f0ec1pantone 3_82592e5a70c2afba0875a82eed3f9bc4pantone 4_169299c4bb772a7764f767ebc4b916b5pantone 5_f4b72c852492f53a9a71cd4d4cc6327bpantone 6_89ff6e69cd5732a5add30e5bccdff044pantone 7_272eae0a706b1c824859a7d69fedc6a9pantone 10_084180f2fefdabf34fbbda99f90f4ccfpantone 11_049033c1f460dd1760a6c363ec5a7705pantone 12_f824734c4f49857154c9b79d0df543dapantone 13_24e18c6aed86550153305a61c712c506pantone 14_8075269f98e2d267eb7b84b0a209987apantone 15_e966f3d36a9c94e13f290642a6da0cd6pantone 16_9f2a957a1034cb4f1cea9f60e4493d56pantone 17_e575de11689ce22c93da73dc45cb9946pantone 18_26cf3730ae77d06645af1e40d01e7cb4pantone 19_14f2122053584b49ad89881f76ab58ef

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