Willem & Natasha

“Love doesn’t make the world go round, it makes the ride worthwhile.”

– Franklin P. Jones

This was one of my favourite weddings for 2014 and it was an absolute coral fantasy!

Willem and Natasha are such an amazing couple and their day was perfect, something out of a fairytale with the most gorgeous flowers, bunting galore and intimate moments that most photographers would go wild for. I am still to this day inlove with Natasha’s dress, it was an absolute stunner and only complimented her beauty.




willem  natasha blog 1_d66528bde4470ef30f9a00c8637ad6f9willem  natasha blog 2_edited-1_18c3d7d11d709745269c1bd8100e289cwillem  natasha blog 3_edited-1_39b7fda9021df52b6a98d0dd9957e74bwillem  natasha blog 4_edited-1_fcf6d3c031e562d0d8af19fed1419173willem  natasha blog 5_edited-1_42cac63c2180d0899fdf1355713addbcwillem  natasha blog 6_edited-1_fe029fb12f8b01227161b34176fcbf37willem  natasha blog 7_edited-1_b94563fa7601528b98b98f783083e88awillem  natasha blog 8_edited-1_c56bc9ee77b8d6eba46819575acf988ewillem  natasha blog 9_edited-1_436d3f81c5fb5cfaf3508f528d362a8ewillem  natasha blog 10_edited-1_0e4823d28d63c459c8baaebfb2153acfwillem  natasha blog 11_edited-1_4550ec578e8a628990b09b231b0fd708willem  natasha blog 12_edited-1_50ba0ff921f113c7ab17a9965e73ee73willem  natasha blog 13_edited-1_a2395d1b5510a3db8986d059217f38c3willem  natasha blog 14_edited-1_a1d4481d792503f89044339992697e10willem  natasha blog 15_edited-1_ac9538f14731028a2a3a4ac0a064734cwillem  natasha blog 16_edited-1_0e812c4c6b5fca065781c18c68061093willem  natasha blog 17_edited-1_d10ebcd3f16282161bd2ee87528e6154willem  natasha blog 18_edited-1_562f33c29ec258d9b725958a16e8ca0a

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